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Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc. works with animal shelters (both private and public), Bullmastiff owners in need of assistance, and other legitimate rescue groups (such as, but not limited to, the American Bullmastiff Association Rescue Service - "ABARS") to aid in the care and placement of Bullmastiffs in need.

Our focus is to provide for the safety of Bullmastiffs in need as quickly as possible by getting them into our foster care program.

Our goal is to address the dogs' veterinary needs (spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, heartworm testing and any other medical needs specific to each dog), and facilitate their placement into a permanent home as soon as they are well enough for adoption. During the time they are in foster care, they will be evaluated so that we can determine the type of home best suited to each particular dog.

An important part of this effort will involve educating prospective adopters (as well as the general public) regarding the characteristics and temperament of the Bullmastiff breed.

Fundraising to cover the activities of Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc. will be a critical part of our undertaking. There are a multitude of challenges faced by all animal rescue groups and by Bullmastiff rescue groups in particular. While transportation, vet care and foster care are critical to the process for aiding any breed of dog, they are magnified for large breed dogs where space concerns are greater, breed experience becomes more important, understanding the temperament of working breed is vital, and where veterinary expenses increase exponentially due to sheer size and the complexity of the various health issues typically affecting Bullmastiffs.

We also battle the stigma of a "bull-breed" and the often punitive breed-specific legislation In parts of the country, and we plan to work diligently to promote a greater understanding of our particular breed as well as encouraging our adopters to seek continued training for their dogs, including participation in events like the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program and other venues that promote responsible dog ownership.

Our three founding members have extensive, in·depth experience with the breed and also with rescue efforts. We have a deep understanding of the intricacies of launching and maintaining a large-breed rescue effort, as well as a grasp on the importance of cost control and fund-raising issues. Donations to help can be sent to BRI PO Box 16, Pottersville, NJ 07979

Snail Mail:Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc.
PO Box 16 Pottersville, NJ 07979


Board of Directors

Andrea C. Kelly, President & Treasurer
PO Box 16, Pottersville NJ 07979

Andrea Kelly has been involved in the Bullmastiff breed since 1990, and specifically with rescue since 1995. Until the formation of Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc., she was the Regional Coordinator for the Rescue Service of The American Bullmastiff Association, responsible for New Jersey, southern New York State, the five boroughs of New York City, and Long Island, the eastern half of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. She has spearheaded fundraising efforts, and worked diligently to develop and nurture relationships with municipal and private shelters in this area, as well as with other rescue groups. Under her guidance, the ABA rescue group was one of the first accepted and approved by the NYC Mayor’s Alliance for Animals, and she has maintained a close working relationship with that organization. As regional Coordinator, she oversaw the acceptance, foster care, and evaluation of 100+ Bullmastiffs annually, and coordinated their vet care and ultimate placement with their adoptive families.

As a Bullmastiff owner and breeder, Ms. Kelly has owned, bred, and/or personally trained several history-making dogs. Her pets not only compete in the conformation ring, they are active and successful competitors in agility, obedience and rally, some have worked as therapy dogs, others have expanded their skills to include water work and sheepherding. Several have appeared in TV commercials and/or print advertisements, and several have been featured in training books and videos as well. Ms. Kelly is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and has judged sweepstakes at a number of regional specialties across the country. She has co-chaired national specialties and regional specialties on several occasions. She has long-standing relationships with local vets and has worked hard to obtain premium vet care at discounted rates for rescue dogs, not only from “general practitioners” but from board certified specialists as well. Because of her presence in the “working arenas”, she has access to many well-regarded trainers and behaviorists too, so there are many professionals she can call upon for help and advice in the event of a medical, training, or temperament problem with a dog in the care of our rescue organization.

Prior to moving to a small horse farm in New Jersey to pursue an equestrian lifestyle, Ms. Kelly was a Vice President in the Institutional Money Management area of US Trust, and before that she was a Vice President and institutional portfolio manager at the private investment firm of Scudder, Stevens & Clark. In each of these positions, she was responsible for devising and executing investment strategies for institutional portfolios worth several billion dollars.

Dr. Scott Hoffman, Vice President
1539 Old Hillsboro Road, Franklin TN 37069

Dr. Scott Hoffman is a Clinical anesthesiologist and Medical Director of Vanderbilt's Operating Rooms. In his spare time he is the Secretary of the Bullmastiff Wellness Foundation. He has owned Bullmastiffs and French Bulldogs for over 13 years including show dogs and rescues. Scott has developed a network of rescue volunteers that work together to identify, pull, rehabilitate and place Bullmastiffs needing new homes. He has also worked closely with community animal shelters and animal control officers. Dr. Hoffman has evaluated and placed 100+ Bullmastiffs in adoptive homes.

Scott has nursed many dogs back to good health from having heartworms and various other afflictions. All of the dogs that pass through Scott’s home are individually special.

Joan (Joni) Cavanaugh, Managing Directors
33852 Shelley Lynne, Sterling Heights MI

Joni Cavanaugh has worked at Plante & Moran, PLLC, the nation’s 13th largest certified public accounting and business advisory firm since 1993 where she started as an administrative assistant. Throughout her 20 year career with Plante & Moran, she was promoted to office manager and responsible for supervising a staff of 7 and overall office management of an office of nearly 60 staff members. After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business from Walsh College, she transferred to Plante & Moran’s main office and began working as a project coordinator for many of the internal projects that the firm’s professional standards team is responsible for.
Joni’s love of the bullmastiff breed stems from owning her first bullmastiff Dasher. After thoroughly researching the breed to determine suitability to her lifestyle and researching breeders in the state of Michigan, she purchased Dasher in 1996 from a reputable breeder. Joni was quickly and forever enamored with the breed. Two months after Dasher’s death due to complications with diabetes in 2004, she adopted her first rescue bullmastiff Shadow from Andrea Kelly. Shadow was rescued from an abandoned car in New Jersey and Joni drove from Michigan to New Jersey to adopt her. Shortly thereafter, Joni became actively involved in rescue and has fostered over 40 dogs in her own home in addition to serving as State of Michigan coordinator for two bullmastiff rescue organizations.
As state coordinator, she is responsible for the processing and approval of all adoption applications; coordinating the intake and foster placement of dogs coming into rescue from owner surrender situations or shelters; monitoring veterinary care of dogs in rescue and placement of dogs ready for adoption into appropriate home environments.
In addition to her rescue activities to rehabilitate and rehome bullmastiffs in need, Joni also donates her time to transporting for The Liberty Train, all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing, transporting and re-homing animals in need. The Liberty Train works with a network of individuals to pull animals from high-kill shelters and transport and place animals with responsible, fully screened rescue groups.

Sherry Boldt, Managing Directors
6308 Amherst Fishers IN 46038

My name is Sherry Boldt and my kennel name is T-Boldt Bullmastiffs. I have been involved with the breed since 1993 when my husband and son choose Sheba, our first companion bullmastiff to come into our home. Three years later at the suggestion from my husband that I needed to get a hobby, a beautiful young bullmastiff puppy came into my life and introduced me to the wonderful world of dog shows. Turk (Am/Can/Int Champion Hy-Top Evan’s Turquoise Gem) started an addiction that has only grown as time as progressed. My first passion with the breed is showing – I am never happier than when I am on the end of the lead of a magnificent bullmastiff strutting their stuff in the ring. I have been very fortunate to have some great mentors in the breed in both the U.S. and Canada that helped to guide me on my journey as a breeder. My commitment is to breed sound, healthy, typey bullmastiffs that make wonderful companions and working dogs. Along with the fun, I have also had some success having owner-handled the #1 bullmastiff girl (Apple) several years ago, having two of my girls achieved Dam of the Year, Top Producer and Register of Merit (ROM) status, including one of the few females that have achieved Gold ROM status. I have bred two dogs that were awarded Best Dog in Futurity at a National Specialties. I have had multiple Best in Sweeps and Best in Opposite (BOS) in Sweeps at many regional specialties in both the US and Canada. My girl CC has taken BOS at a Canadian National Specialty as well as multiple AOMs at ABA Nationals and retired by winning Best Veteran Bitch at the 2012 Nationals. CC’s daughter Halle at six months of age took Best Puppy at the Canadian National and then went on at one year of age to take Bred-by-Exhibitor (BBE) at an ABA National Specialty as well as Reserve Winners Bitch (RWB) and a couple years later as BOS at the US and Canadian Nationals as well as the Eukanuba Invitational. Halle’s only daughter Cat followed in her mom’s paw prints by taking BBE and RWB at the 2013 Nationals. In addition to conformation, some of the great families that have my puppies have been involved in search and rescue, agility, obedience, rally, and are trying their hands at tracking, carting, and even herding. Now that takes a very special family commitment.
I love this breed, devoting time to not only breeding and showing them, but helping in Rescue as much as I can, usually by transporting and fostering – having had up to six fosters at one time. I am never happier than when I am with my bullmastiffs. As part of the bullmastiff community, we need to continue to embrace educating our next generation of committed and dedicated bullmastiff guardians (exhibitors, breeders, and owners). We need to continue to make a firm commitment to the health and welfare of the breed not only with our show dogs, but providing companion animals that are sound of mind and body. Our commitment to health testing and research should be unwavering. The goal of reducing the number of bullmastiffs that need our assistance in rescue is not only a goal, but a prayer. The thrill of a win in the ring becomes minor compared to the thankfulness in the eyes of a severely malnourished bullmastiff that we have rescued from the brink of death, and the joy in their eyes in their forever homes. I look forward to serving BRI and an honored to serve with such dedicated, devoted, and inspiring volunteers.