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Visit The Bark Bakery and show 'em the LOVE!: www.thebarkbakerywoofwoof.com
10% donated to Brinc on any and all purchases make at the Bark Bakery

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TheBarkBakery's Shop Announcement
Welcome to The Bark Bakery...home to Nick's Natural's Artisan Dog Biscuits. Brought to you in 3/4 lb (12 oz.) re-seal bags From our Farm Kitchen to your dog's mouth, we specialize in customized varieties that enhance your dog's health, happiness and well being. All our varieties are made from fresh organic ingredients, healthy herbs and vitamin rich fruits. All biscuit varieties are BAKED TO ORDER and are available in sizes for smaller or  larger dogs. Our goal is to bake and send you EXACTLY what you and your dog want and need for optimal deliciousness and health! We love to CUSTOMIZE our biscuits for your dog! Never hesitate to contact us and discuss your order or to customize your biscuits if you'd like something other than our four signature varieties.  Our basic ingredients are listed below, but we are always adding new options and are always open to suggestion: Organic Wholewheat Flour Organic Rolled Oats Organic Beef and Chicken Stocks Yogurt for added probiotics Organic Peanut Butter Ground Flax for Joint Health/Omega 3's Dried Cranberries and Blueberries Pumpkin- for bowel health Apples for blood sugar level balance Fresh and dried herbs including but not limited to: Ginger for a healthy tummy and natural parasite control Garlic for a healthy tummy Parsely and Mint for fresher breath Cinnamon for optimal blood sugar levels Dried Thyme, a natural anti-bacterial Crushed Fennel Seeds, for urinary tract health and anti carcinogenic Crushed Caraway Seeds for anti oxidents and muscle health Basil-anti inflammatory and antibacterial Tumeric-an excellent anti inflammatory No salt, corn,lard, dyes, preservatives or other system jolting ingredients are ever added to our biscuits!!!!
Talis Studio at TalisStudio.Etsy.com
Introducing No Mess Pet Beds, Throws & Mats
Super Tough...Designer Beautiful
Waterproof, Stain Resistant, Odor Resistant, Bacteria Resistant
We support rescue! Please use coupon code BULLMASTIFFRESCUERS when you check out and a portion of your purchase will be donated back to Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc.
To see a video demonstration of our dog beds, please click
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PQ-9RZqQuo, or visit our Facebook page.

Hi, I’m a dog owner, Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue volunteer, and owner of Talis Studio. Like you, I was sick and tired of buying countless, cheaply made dog beds that were always trashed within a year. It didn’t help that my dogs (and fosters!) were constantly drooling, shedding, clawing, throwing up, and peeing on the beds. The beds were a nightmare to clean and a real eyesore whenever guests came over.
I finally had an "Enough is enough!" moment and started making my own beds. My No Mess Dog Beds are actually stuffable covers sized to fit standard bed pillows, but you can use anything such as old comforters, foam, towels, or even old dog beds. I also sell premium orthopedic memory foam inserts that are especially great for older, arthritic dogs.
All my products are made with a special upholstery fabric that is permanently stain, odor, and bacteria resistant, and has a waterproof backing that's guaranteed for 5 years. Best of all, this fabric is beautiful, durable and super easy to clean...just blot off any liquid, vacuum, spray with a Tide/water mix, and wipe off with a damp rag. This fabric is also machine washable.
For those lucky dogs who sleep on the couch, I also sell throws that have a special non-slip fabric backing so they’ll stay in place, even on slippery leather. Think of the throws as good-looking tarps, and use them anywhere you need protection from pet hair, accidents, spills, stains, and germs. More suggested uses: car seat cover, on top of the bed, picnic blanket, playmat for kids. 
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