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The families that have adopted these dogs have not only given life and love to dogs abandoned and deserted by mankind but have taken it up a notch These stories tell of achievements against the odds from overcoming horrendous health issues to paying it forward by service.

These stories are about these hero's

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Tuscany hits the big time with a professional modeling assignment for a photo shoot in NYC.  
She did so well that she has another gig coming up next week!

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Dash completes his first round of training. and then goes on to complete his CGC in just 6 months

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Just a few weeks after
he was adopted,

Big Rig saved the day (or night)

by alerting his family to a fire
in the house -

before the smoke alarms!
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Seamus and Athena completing their first titles

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Athena, one of the TX quartet, completing puppy level obedience.  She’ll start her advanced training next, in preparation for certification as a therapy dog when she’s a year old.

adopted by Cindy Rutledge and Bob Zylstra, is a St. John Ambulance Canada Certified Therapy Dog, and he also has a Special Certificate of Excellence for the PAWS 4 Stories and Reading Rocks Programs for children

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Just gotta tell you about PORTIA

She is paying it forward with her therapy work. Here is her story.

I have had Portia for just a few months. She is proof there are wonderful people out there. The rescue folks, choosing to save & not destroy her; the fosters trying to help, my friends at Forest City Dog Training Club. I doubled up on classes & stretched her socialization. Because of these wonderful people, she was at an obedience trial 2wks ago & received a blue ribbon. Wednesday, she PASSED her Canine Good Citizens test! Today? She PASSED the test at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center! She's now a THERAPY dog! Most of all, I'm proud of my littlest Bullmastiff rescue-Portia rocks

She loves going to visit everyone at the hospital.  By the end, she gets home & sleeps for 2-3 hours. She was there to fill in last weekend & is scheduled there this weekend.  Some of the staff just get on the floor with her and stay there for a while. 

Kathleen Smiley-Alsup


One of our “Seven Dwarfs” from Chicago, graduated from her puppy obedience class in NJ with flying colors and is heading to the next level
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adopted by Greg and Kathy Lappin, earned his Canine Good Citizen Certificate 

This three
legged young
man is working
at the VA
where he
is a
particular favorite
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Lucy Liu,
earning her CGC
at 2012 Bullmastiff Nationals
with Dad Robb


Wallace (aka Wally) and I were first introduced to the Red Cross Animal Assisted Therapy Program, at a fundraiser for our local community’s service dog sector. Initially, the idea of visiting strangers did not sound the upmost appealing to me; however, after further consideration I decided to enroll Wally in the program, because I knew the joy he would get from visiting the pediatric centers, would triumph my antisocial demeanor.

Throughout Wally’s certification process, I was surprised to find that much of his final evaluation’s success, hindered on me passing the handler portion of the Red Cross’s training, including a thorough background check. Once I successfully completed my portion of training, it was Wally’s turn to shine in the spot light.
On June 13
th Wally and I went in for our final test before becoming an official AAT dog for the Red Cross. We sailed through the obedience section of the test without a hitch, and were off to the second portion of the evaluation in no time. The final phase of the R.C.’s evaluation was a supervised visit at a local nursing home.

Wally walked into the establishment like a champ, and climbed in the elevator just as practiced. Wally acted as if he had visited the home and its occupants a thousand times as he quietly strolled along the halls, stopping at all the right moments to give love and bathe the residents with his kisses; everything was going wonderful as I tried to hide my proud Momma’s smile.

As we walked out of the nursing home, the evaluators gave us the news that we passed with flying colors, and continued to gush over Wally and how wonderful a boy he is. Since passing his test, Wally and I have been asked to join a four tour program at Aaron’s Acres Summer Camp for special needs kids, in addition establishing routine visits to the Hershey Medical Center’s Ronald McDonald House.
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owned by Kathleen Smiley-Alsup, taking FIRST PLACE in Rally Novice on January 24, 2015.  

Her first “leg”.

Portia Rocks Alsup just got her 2nd leg in Rally Novice at Woodstock with a score of 98 out of 100 & first place! She received a lovely pewter award as well! So proud of my baby girl!


June 14, 2015
third place, third leg and new title - rally novice

owned by
Amanda and Ray Bacchus,
earned his
puppy award
in March
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by the
Glodts in NC,
got her
CGC in
August 2015,
before turning
a year old


owned by
Sharon O’Connell
in NJ,
attained his Bright and
Beautiful Therapy Dog certification i
n August 2015
as soon as he turned a year old.
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