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Kate (in Michigan)
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Kate is in the house!

Kate was raised by a family who loved her & took good care of her. Her family recently fell on hard times and had to give her up. She is shy,
very sweet and non-demanding, hesitant to go through doors or other openings & fearful of things falling. That being said, she does not display fear of thunder or fireworks (as long as the fireworks are not in her yard)

She is patient with nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc. Kate is very food motivated, perhaps because we had to have her on a diet until she trimmed down a bit. A good chew toy will engage her for hours.

If she is left in her crate or any area by herself too long, she will yip once softly like a little tiny dog. Kate has very good manners in the home, not being willful or bent on having her way. She has not been taught to come when called but walks nicely on the left side while on leash.

While Kate is submissive toward other dogs, she will quickly defend her food or chew from another dog who may want to investigate. In our limited time with her, she appears friendly toward male dogs; no experience with other females yet. No prey drive although she shows lots of interest in a squirrel that may scamper nearby.

Kate is very scent-oriented. She can sniff one spot on your clothes or any other unobtrusive item for 20+ minutes. She sniffs things more than the average dog does, perhaps savoring various layers of odors.

Kate has two distinctive coat markings, which add to her princess personality. There is a little cowlick on her left shoulder and she has a linear swirl down her tail. Because of her quiet personality, Kate would be happiest in a home without children. If you would like be Kate’s forever home, please complete the adoption application at

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